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Stardust, Make Believe and What if We All Stop Aired on Art.Rockowy Swiat

Three tracks from the album Solipsistic were aired on the July 31, 2013 (#163) edition of the Polish prog rock show Ark.Rockowy Swiat.

Unfortunately I don’t speak Polish, any Polish fans here who can provide a translated transcript ? Simply post in the comments please.

Stardust can be heard at 00:54:27
Make Believe at 01:39:00
What If We All Stop at 1:45:05

Click here to download the podcast

The Playlist:

1??Genesis??Horizons??, “Foxtrot” (1972), 1:41.
2??Unified Past,??I’m Not Answering??, “Observations” (2011), 5:46.
3??Anta,??Helepolis??, “Centurionaut” (2013), 10:33.
4??Anta,??Dolmen??, “Centurionaut” (2012), 5:13.
5??Unified Past,??Insulated??, “Observations” (2013), 4:42.
6??Unified Past,??Faithless??, “Observations” (2011), 8:30.
7??Spyros Charmanis,??Open Wound??, “Wound” (2012), 6:38.
8??Spyros Charmanis,??Subconscious??, “Wound” (2012), 4:36.
9??Semantic Saturation,??Stardust??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 6:49.??
10th??Saris,??The Curse??, “Curse of Time” (2009), 6:57.
11th??Saris,??Miracles??, “Curse of Time” (2009), 17:12.
12th??Spyros Charmanis,??Exit Wound??, “Wound” (2012), 10:09.
13th??Semantic Saturation,??Make Believe??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 5:06.??
14th??Semantic Saturation,??What If We All Stop??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 8:44.??
15th??Urge State,??Hallelujah??(Leonard Cohen cover), “Miscellaneous & Scraps” (2013), 6:51.


8000 Facebook fans!

I believe I’m entitled to celebrate the 8000th Fan (or like) on Facebook today.

This is so awesome, thank you guys for your amazing support. I feel greatly honored.

8000 Facebook fans - August 25, 2013
8000 Facebook fans – August 25, 2013

Stardust Guitar Tablature Preview

This is what I’ve been working on lately. Creating a guitar transcription and guitar tabs for the track Stardust. I’m using Guitar Pro software to which there is a small learning curve, but I’m hoping to get this baby out in your hands pretty soon so you guys can jam along.

Here’s a snapshot I posted on Instagram. By the way you can follow me on Instagram through??

Sorry for the bad quality, the photo was shot with my phone, right on the screen.

Stardust Guitar tab snapshot
Stardust Guitar tab snapshot