Lucassen and Giersbergen

Prog master Arjen Anthony Lucassen announces new project, a concept double album with my favorite female vocalist of all time Anneke Van Giersbergen.
You stole her from me Arjen… and I have a feeling this will be epic.

Source: Arjen and Anneke

Anneke:¬†Yesch!! I’ll be teaming up with the one and only Arjen Anthony Lucassen for a concept double album! It will be the two of us, a fabulous overall theme and everything between very loud & pure acoustic. This will be something special! XxX

Arjen and Anneke
Arjen and Anneke

MP3s To Become Obsolete?

Have you guys heard about this?

Neil Young’s attempt to make MP3s obsolete with his new product “Pono” is apparently paying off. His Kickstarter campaign raised over $6 million with more than 18,000 backers, and there are actually a lot of artists (RHCP, Sting …) backing him.

I’m actually kind of excited about this, what do you guys think?


Neil Young on Letterman with Pono
Neil Young on David Letterman with Pono