Let’s support Prog together!

In case you didn’t know, the Dutch based site is a website for… well… streaming prog music, for free! Which is pretty much like Bandcamp but only for prog. Fans can listen to new released prog albums before they can purchase. The website also provides link to different online music stores where the listener can order the albums from.

‘Like’ the progstreaming Facebook page. They’re trying to reach 5K before the summer and 10K before years end.

Favorite Movies

Well I figured we should have some off topic… discussions if I may.
What are some of your favorite movies?

Here are my all time top 10 favorite movies in no particular order.

magnoliaMagnolia – What an epic masterpiece, every single character in this movie are crafted in an absolutely genius way, and that last scene with fr… oh I’m not going to spoil it for you.. Philip Seymour Hoffman 🙁


mulholland-driveMulholland Drive – When it comes to David Lynch I just can’t help it. The man is out of this world, the mysterious touch in all his movies just keeps you wanting for more. Extra-ordinary. And Eraserhead .. oh sweet mother of god.


Saw-Movie-HD-Wallpapers3-600x337Saw – I’m not a big fan of this (now) franchise, but I remember the first time this movie came out, goosebumps all over from the very first minute to the last.


2001_a_space_odyssey_wallpaper_logo-normalA Space Odyssey – 2001 – Honestly, I was called lots of things after making some friends watch this epic classic Stanley Kubrick. But come on, it’s absolutely surreal and made in 19-fucking-68, before we actually set foot on the moon.


clockwork_orange_br_event_mainA Clockwork Orange – By now you’ve probably discovered my other favorite director. Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well.


MementoMemento – Oh did I mention I love mysterious movies with a twist ? I just can’t … remember.


monty_ScratchMonty Python and the Holy Grail – When it comes to comedy, dark and sarcastic humor are my favorites, and the Monty Python team excel in this genre. Burn After would be one of my other choices for the same genre.


therewillThere Will Be Blood – Four words.. I. Drink. Your. Milkshake. Shrlrhlrhrlrhshrlrp !! Absolutely thrilling genius.


lebowskiThe Big Lebowski – Once again, dark humor at it’s best. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’remissing out on this classic. If you like dark humor Just drop whatever you’re doing (hell stop reading right here) and go watch this.


28_days_later28 days later – I had to include a movie with zombies (not really zombies but yeah) Once again the mystery element is definitely in there and oh THAT soundtrack…


I can’t just stop it at 10 movies.. These should also fit into my top 10 somehow: Mr. Nobody, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Waking Life, American Psycho, Pirate Radio (aka The Boat That Rocked), Triangle, Timecrimes, Sunshine, Inglorious Basterds, Blade Runner, Lost in Translation, Pink Floyd – The Wall, American Beauty, No Country for Old Men, Cloverfield… Fuck I’m just going to stop.