A few updates from Semantic-Land.

I decided to extend the crowdfunding campaign for two more weeks. why? Eh why not.. IndieGogo suggested me and I obeyed, but apparently I can only extend it once. So this is your last change to pledge www.igg.me/at/semantic

Yesterday, I wanted to take a break from working on the album cover. So, I started streaming my work on the first digital painting portrait for the backer Gaurav Dubey. I will continue working on this evening. You can watch me paint live on www.twitch.tv/metroprog and If you want your own digital portrait done by me, go get the Prog Legend perk through the crowdfunding campaign link above.

I’ll be in Europe (Netherlands/England) for the next 10 days or so, don’t miss me too much  I’m going to be kicking Kristoffer Gildenlöw’s ass for being slow in delivering his awesome bass lines. Just kidding Kristoffer, take all the time you need. I should be partly blamed for it actually.
Bass lines are 80% done and the mixing process is only a couple of weeks away (no pressure)

I’ll try to keep you entertained from Europe.

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