Airing On 2 Radio Stations Tonight

CKRL 89.1 – Quebec at 8:30pm EST

CKRL 89.1 Radio FM
CKRL 89.1 Radio FM

A few tracks from Solipsistic will be played on the FM radio station CKRL 89.1 tonight (Saturday 26) at 8:30pm EST. Jacques Dulac will be hosting his show Illusions Auditive.
During the show, also on the menu for tonight’s show is: Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Alex Boman

If you are in Quebec, Canada you can tune in at 89.1 on the radio, or you can tune in from anywhere in the world through CKRL Website.

Here’s a podcast of this show:??

Prog Palace Radio – Album Release / Listening Party at 9:00pm EST

I will be “co-hosting” (kind of) I’m not much of a radio host myself, but I’ll try to help Greg Stafford tonight on his show at Prog Palace Radio, I will also try to answer any questions you guys have.

The show starts at 7:00pm EST, and the entire Solipsistic album will be played tonight starting at 9:00pm (EST) / 2:00am (GMT). So make sure you tune in before that, I’ll try to hang around until 11:00pm (EST).

Here’s the link where you can??tune-in to Prog Palace Radio and listen.
Don’t forget to??enter the chat room as well, to submit your questions.

Album Rlease / Listening Party
Album Rlease / Listening Party


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