Basement Home Studio Update 1

If you remember back in August I made a quick blog post titled Back With a Plan¬†regarding a new home studio for me. Well the plan is now in action, and it’s been over a month already. I’ve been taking a lot of photos during the renovation process and finally I have found some time to put these together and keep you posted.

Here goes…

This was the space I had in the basement



There was a suspended ceiling which is obviously coming off in the next picture.


This wall will be moved back to make more space.


The drywall is gone…


And the padding is gone…


And the wall literally goes down


And this is the wall, moved to it’s new location


Here comes the sound proofing part with some padding.


And more sound proofing with these resilient channels that will hold up the ceiling drywalls. What it does is basically stop the sound from travelling through the drywall and into the wooden structure.


Meanwhile, they had to install a new beam to support the building, and some plumbing work was needed to be done, but I’m not going to bore you with the pictures. So here’s the new ceiling drywall being installed.


And here’s the new space, with drywalls installed and plastered.


Self leveling is down, getting the floor ready for the wood floor installation.


And the floors are being installed.


The electrician is here, preparing the wall plate¬†boxes which will be used later behind the new workstation and Guitar amp/racks etc…


This is the entire space for my new workstation, Guitar amp/cabinet/racks are going on the left, two computers on the right, under the window with two gorgeous new monitors. I’ll post some pics as soon as I get them. All the wires will be going through the walls, so the new space will be clutter free, with absolutely no distractions. Total focus on making new music!


Got some connection cables from Amazon, The nerd in me is getting over-excited.


And just installed a sweet looking electric fireplace. The guitars are going to be wall-mounted, probably to the left of the fireplace. And as you can see the spotlights are installed.



Alright, now you’re up to date with what’s going on in Shant-land. The painter will start painting the ceiling and a couple of walls this week, and hopefully the electrician will come in later this week to finish some more work, installing LED strips under the staircase steps and in the corners of he ceiling for a cool looking effect.

I think we’re 60% done, there’s still some work to do on a few walls, there will be also a wall where a couple of cabinets will be installed in-wall to hold receivers, modems and media players, and another cabinet for my CDs, DVDs and LPs.

I’ll post another update as soon as I can.

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