David Gilmour Plectrum Mosaic Portrait

I’m sure some of you have seen the Jimi Hendrix pick art done by Ed Chapman, which inspired me to do a similar portrait for one of my idols David Gilmour of Pink Floyd using the same method, nothing but guitar picks!

So I went ahead and bought around 2000 guitar pics, some Fender, and for the colors that Fender does not carry I went with a random choice brand. As for the canvas it’s a regular oil painting canvas. And I used a transparent glue to fix the guitar picks.

And here’s the final artwork! The whole process took months on and off, but I’m extremely pleased with the result, and I’m sure I will start working on the rest of the members very soon. Hope you enjoyed!

David Gilmour Plectrum Mosaic art by Shant Hagopian
David Gilmour Plectrum Mosaic art by Shant Hagopian

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