I Remember This Place

Wait, what? I have a blog?

I know, I know, my last post was in August! Whoa, time really flies. But I’m excused, because I’m neck-deep in work, writing arranging and recording the upcoming album. Fortunately though, taking work in progress pictures from the studio is less time consuming, so I’m more active on my Instagram feed lately, make sure you follow me there @SemanticSat.

What The Hell is Taking So Long?

Some of you have been asking that question. I know, I can’t wait either. Well to begin with, it’s not an easy task to write an album; especially that I am the only one writing for all 4+ instruments. Sometimes I get writer’s block, or I come up with riffs that I stick with for a while and then I end up tossing them away because either they don’t match the song, or they don’t sound very pleasing, or sometimes after hearing a riff over and over and over it becomes over-saturated… Semantically.

Another thing that’s taking my time is creating new patches for the guitar, I’m learning new techniques along the way watching videos on how to achieve a certain sound. I found making new guitar patches inspiring, writing new melodies and riffs comes naturally with these new sounds. And as a perfectionist, I have to find the perfect tone; that sweet, sweet spot that will give me eargasm and sit nicely in the mix as well.

So, 2017?


I don’t like to give you false expectations, but right now I can pretty much say yes, the album should be ready sometime in 2017 (probably autumn). So far I have more than 10 different tracks, some of them are still ideas but I have like 6-7 tracks that are pretty much done, I just need to add the final touches. The only thing left to do then will be finding musicians to play their parts, and then off to mixing and mastering, meanwhile I will work on the album artwork, put on my project manager hat and start writing a press release and then coordinating with magazines and web’zines, sending them demos for review, connect with radio stations and all that fun stuff. oh joy!

The Release

This time I’m planning to print LP records as well as CDs, and probably a music video released along with the album to promote it on the interwebz. Speaking of which, on Saturday night I met with my friend Richard Bastarache who directed the music video for Lost and Found: Insanity and we discussed the possibility of making another one, he was excited and asked me to send him the song I’m planning to make into a music video as soon as I’m done writing it.
I can’t comment much on the album yet, it will be deliciously proggy, jazzy, funky and bluesy. And I can assure you, it’s going to be another amazing album.


So that sums it up for now. Got questions? Post them in the comments below and I’ll answer them. Let me know what are you expecting in the new album.


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