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Rating (4/5)
Warning: using on the highway could lead to speeding tickets.

Canada has been shy on guitar heroes that could figure on ProgArchives. Sure, there’s the untouchable Alex Lifeson and the versatile Kim Mitchell, but now there’s fresh blood arriving from Montreal, a new sheriff in town: Shant Hagopian, maestrio behind Semantic Saturation.

Like Wyatt Earp marching to O.K. Corral to do justice, Hagopian has an impressive (to say the least) list of companions: Virgil Donati who could easily be Doc Holliday on drums and Derek ‘Trigger Happy’ Sherenian on keyboards. Imagine the Christmas party of the band? enough to make you wanna be an icecube thawing in the punch.

Fortunately for us, the band is not an all-out tentative, throwing impolitely at your face everything it has. Hagopian seems to know the meaning of moderation, with various speeds and textures within the same song. It’s a refreshing approach considering what he can do, considering his technique. How do you get to play like that? Good genetics perhaps.

You can tell immediately that I’m sold, okay I admit it. But with almost 400 reviews on my clock, I can smell the uncreative shredders from a block away. This time, I can humbly tell you that this record is not shadowed by the Vai, the Satriani or the Petrucci. This is intelligent music, cleverly put together to make melodies that glues to your brain and makes you air-guitar like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (only the 35 year old and up will understand).

My favorite pick to be the next ‘6 strings star’, Hagopian’s music will lead to speeding tickets on the highway but on the other hand, is a natural way to increase serotonin in your bloodstream. Oh and give it up to the fun art cover and packaging, almost an episode of Where’s Waldo?

Excellent addition to your collection, a colorful and positive energy source.

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