So I decided to start blogging (in disguise)

wordpress-grey-xlHello everyone!

First of all thank you for checking out the blog!

There’s a whole lot going on right now, and of all the things I am busy doing lately, handling the orders, packing, shipping, promoting, doing interviews, sending out promo copies etc… I, out of the blue, decided to start blogging !
Well… it’s not completely out of the blue, since I was thinking where could I post press items, reviews, interviews and such, and wanted to keep them all kind of separate from the main Semantic Saturation website.

So be it! When I have a task in mind I must do it, and I must do it NOW!

This blog will indeed keep you guys up to date to the latest things and projects I’m up to, and it will keep all my ideas in one place. Of course I won’t always post about how good my music is and where to buy blah blah, I’ll try to keep this place more friendly and post about various stuff.

You’re probably wondering why is it called “Blogging in Disguise” ?
Basically I was thinking of modifying one of the track names from the debut album Solipsistic. Starblog, Blogdust, What if We All Blog, Blog of Singularity .. all didn’t sound as good as the track name “#5 Blessing in Disguise” so “Blogging in Disguise” it was.
What do you think ?

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