Stardust, Make Believe and What if We All Stop Aired on Art.Rockowy Swiat

Three tracks from the album Solipsistic were aired on the July 31, 2013 (#163) edition of the Polish prog rock show Ark.Rockowy Swiat.

Unfortunately I don’t speak Polish, any Polish fans here who can provide a translated transcript ? Simply post in the comments please.

Stardust can be heard at 00:54:27
Make Believe at 01:39:00
What If We All Stop at 1:45:05

Click here to download the podcast

The Playlist:

1??Genesis??Horizons??, “Foxtrot” (1972), 1:41.
2??Unified Past,??I’m Not Answering??, “Observations” (2011), 5:46.
3??Anta,??Helepolis??, “Centurionaut” (2013), 10:33.
4??Anta,??Dolmen??, “Centurionaut” (2012), 5:13.
5??Unified Past,??Insulated??, “Observations” (2013), 4:42.
6??Unified Past,??Faithless??, “Observations” (2011), 8:30.
7??Spyros Charmanis,??Open Wound??, “Wound” (2012), 6:38.
8??Spyros Charmanis,??Subconscious??, “Wound” (2012), 4:36.
9??Semantic Saturation,??Stardust??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 6:49.??
10th??Saris,??The Curse??, “Curse of Time” (2009), 6:57.
11th??Saris,??Miracles??, “Curse of Time” (2009), 17:12.
12th??Spyros Charmanis,??Exit Wound??, “Wound” (2012), 10:09.
13th??Semantic Saturation,??Make Believe??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 5:06.??
14th??Semantic Saturation,??What If We All Stop??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 8:44.??
15th??Urge State,??Hallelujah??(Leonard Cohen cover), “Miscellaneous & Scraps” (2013), 6:51.


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