“Paradigms” named Instrumental Prog-Metal Album of the Year

2018 was a flourishing year, with a plethora of amazing records in the prog rock and prog metal genre. Today, I’m extremely honored to announce that “Paradigms” was named Instrumental Prog-Metal Album of the Year on Sonic Perspectives.

You know me, I don’t like music to be ranked, because it’s not a competition or a race for who’s the best. There is no best, only favorites. As the author put it best: “music is a subjective listening experience and our opinions are no more valid than yours”

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Heartfelt thanks to Austin Kokel and Joel Barrios.

Solipsistic Nominated for Album of the Year Award for 2013 on PerfectProg.com

As surreal as this may sound to me it’s actually real, but what’s even more surprising is the result (so far).

PerfectProg.com has picked Semantic Saturation among only 11 other bands who released albums in 2013, big names like Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Riverside and Haken.

Voting is now open, and you can cast your vote here, if you think Solipsistic deserves your vote of course. And currently Semantic Saturation is battling Fates Warning for the first spot. Oh! By the way, you can vote more than once.

I’m absolutely speechless to be nominated among monsters of prog, and I’m even more dumbstruck by the response.
Thank you PerfectProg and thanks to everyone who voted!

Album of the Year Award 2013
Album of the Year Award 2013