A Couple of Paintings

One of the perks I recently offered in the new album crowdfunding campaign had a special reward, a digital painting. Two generous fans picked that perk, and I delivered.

Here are the two paintings for Dik Diepeveen and Gaurav Dubei. Thank you both.

Digital portrait for Dik Diepeveen painted by me
Digital portrait for Gaurav Dubei painted by me

Craig Blundell’s Portrait

Yesterday, I finished painting the portrait of drummer Craig Blundell who is working with me on the new album “Paradigms”. Here’s the end result with a touch of creepiness and a bit of fantasy. Thank you Michael Giordano for the inspiration 🙂

Craig Blundell

If you want your own portrait digitally painted by me, check out the limited “Prog Legend” perk on the IndieGogo campaign

I also started working on the new album cover and artwork; you can watch the progress on my Twitch channel. I’m painting the cover myself and streaming the progress along the way. I’ll start streaming later today, so make sure you follow me on Twitch to get notified when I go live twitch.tv/metroprog