My “Wish You Were Here” Cover Remake

Recently I visited Los Angeles with my wife, and we took a tour of the Warner Bros studios.

This was the outcome…

Warner Bros.

Our tour guide didn’t even know the cover for Pink Floyd’s album was taken at their studios, but she was super helpful finding the exact spot. When I showed her the legendary cover on my phone, she immediately said I know exactly where this is! And she took us there and also took the shot. Awesomeness.

And here’s another with the fire for full effect. Luckily I didn’t have to burn myself.
Wish You Were Here cover remake

Happy New Year

Some parts of the planet have already celebrated the new year. I wish you all extreme happiness, full of exciting and beautiful music in 2015. Signing out of 2014 from Ragged Point, California. You guys have breathtaking views along the Pacific shore.

Ragged Point, California