Backers Get Ready

Last year I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help me release the second Semantic Saturation record ‘Paradigms’, where fans pledge for perks and in return get some personalized and exclusive items when the record is released.
A good number of fans pledged to back the new release, and now it’s time to deliver.

I signed a bunch of CDs and posters yesterday, and I took all the time I need to personalize every postcard and message to you guys, while my lovely wife snapped some really artsy photos that I’m sharing with you today.

A Couple of Paintings

One of the perks I recently offered in the new album crowdfunding campaign had a special reward, a digital painting. Two generous fans picked that perk, and I delivered.

Here are the two paintings for Dik Diepeveen and Gaurav Dubei. Thank you both.

Digital portrait for Dik Diepeveen painted by me
Digital portrait for Gaurav Dubei painted by me

A few updates from Semantic-Land.

I decided to extend the crowdfunding campaign for two more weeks. why? Eh why not.. IndieGogo suggested me and I obeyed, but apparently I can only extend it once. So this is your last change to pledge

Yesterday, I wanted to take a break from working on the album cover. So, I started streaming my work on the first digital painting portrait for the backer Gaurav Dubey. I will continue working on this evening. You can watch me paint live on and If you want your own digital portrait done by me, go get the Prog Legend perk through the crowdfunding campaign link above.

I’ll be in Europe (Netherlands/England) for the next 10 days or so, don’t miss me too much  I’m going to be kicking Kristoffer Gildenlöw’s ass for being slow in delivering his awesome bass lines. Just kidding Kristoffer, take all the time you need. I should be partly blamed for it actually.
Bass lines are 80% done and the mixing process is only a couple of weeks away (no pressure)

I’ll try to keep you entertained from Europe.

Win an Autographed Drumhead, Sticks, LP and CD

Referral ContestAs you may recall, a few weeks ago I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to let backers pledge and aid the release of the new record. Today I’m launching a referral contest to give the campaign a little boost. You could win a drumhead or drum sticks signed by Craig Blundell, in addition to the new album LP and CD. And you don’t need to pay anything, not even shipping!


Basically there will be 12 winners in total:
First place winner takes the signed drumhead, LP and CD.
Second place wins the drumsticks and CD.
And 10 runner-up winners will get the CD for free.

How do I enter?

Simple, by sharing the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page and getting 5 backers who pledge at least for the $10 perk.

First place winner: Most number of backers referred.
Second place winner: Biggest amount of total contributions from referrals.
10 Runner-ups: Whenever you refer 5 backers who pledge at least $10 each, you automatically qualify to get the new CD, absolutely free! And you enter a contest to win the autographed items.

Click here to visit the Referral Contest Page for more details and important information on how to share the correct link.