New Pink Floyd Album ?!?!

What a what? Wait … what???

David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson just tweeted this…

“Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called ‘The Endless River’. Based on 1994 sessions is Rock Wright’s swansong and very beautiful.” – Polly Samson [Source]

Polly Samson tweets about new Pink Floyd album
Polly Samson tweets about new Pink Floyd album

This must be a dream!
But now the million dollar question is: What’s the line-up?

And apparently this picture of Gilmour with the backing vocal girls in the studio was taken during the recording sessions. [Source]

David Gilmour in studioThis made my decade.

David Gilmour turns 68

So was it merely a coincidence that I have just finished making his portrait out of guitar picks last week? Perhaps not.

Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour celebrates his birthday today March 6th, turning 68. The same day also marks the anniversary of his latest solo album “On an Island” released on his 60th birthday back in 2006. Which brings us to the next question, are we going to be lucky enough to see another solo album by Dave on his 70th birthday?

Shine on you legend.


David Gilmour Plectrum Mosaic Portrait

I’m sure some of you have seen the Jimi Hendrix pick art done by Ed Chapman, which inspired me to do a similar portrait for one of my idols David Gilmour of Pink Floyd using the same method, nothing but guitar picks!

So I went ahead and bought around 2000 guitar pics, some Fender, and for the colors that Fender does not carry I went with a random choice brand. As for the canvas it’s a regular oil painting canvas. And I used a transparent glue to fix the guitar picks.

And here’s the final artwork! The whole process took months on and off, but I’m extremely pleased with the result, and I’m sure I will start working on the rest of the members very soon. Hope you enjoyed!

David Gilmour Plectrum Mosaic art by Shant Hagopian
David Gilmour Plectrum Mosaic art by Shant Hagopian

Richard Wright’s 70th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Richard Wright; the crazy diamond, the mastermind of spacey keyboard sounds of Pink Floyd.
If Rick was alive today he would’ve been 70 years young, nevertheless he continues to inspire millions, and forever lives within us all.

You’ll always be missed. Shine on!

Richard Wright
Richard Wright 1943-2008