Funny Incidents As A Musician

As a teenager, I played a lot of gigs with my previous band Nu.Clear.Dawn, and that gave me the opportunity to witness some funny incidents both on and off stage.

Coiled Guitar CableOne of the funniest was when we were covering Dream Theater’s Pull Me Under during one of our gigs back in 1999. So me and the bass player Rami decided we’ll make some stage action during the song and switch our positions, and we started kind of running towards each other and passed each other safely, but I turn around proud of our epic move only to see the coiled cable of my guitar and the jack both airborne and flying towards me. I had to pick it up and plug it back into the pedal board, and I felt stupid. It is good to mention here that I never used coiled guitar cables again.

Other funny, more like idiotic moments we witnessed when we were touring in the middle east. These people working on the borders were not the very bright, so they were always dumbstruck when they had to check our equipment. In one of the instances, they instructed us to open up the bass drum of our drummer so he can check what are we hiding inside, since the drummer Aram, had filled it with a thick bed cover for muffling it.

Another time, there was this man sweeping the side of a road where our bass player had placed his guitar in a hard case while we waited to board the bus, the man approaches him, while trying to express his utmost comprehension of music and art, holding the broomstick and gazing at my band-mate, and he goes like: “Sir… I need to clean here, could you please move your piano?”

If you have lived to witness funny moments as a musician yourself, don’t be shy to share it with us.