Fulltone OCD

This little magic box by Fulltone was a birthday gift. Don’t get fooled by its size. This tiny thing is a monster.

New Toy in House

New toy in the house! ????
So far I’m loving what this controller offers, with a bunch of faders, pots and pads that will make my life a bit easier to record new juicy synth and pad sounds.
It’s highly customizable and not very expensive too.

Guitar Effects Rack Used on Solipsistic

Here’s a photo of my guitar effects rack used on the album ‘Solipsistic’ for those who are interested.

Guitar Effects Rack used on the debut album: Solipsistic
Guitar effects rack used on the debut album: Solipsistic

From top to bottom: Furman power conditioner M-8×2.??KORG??DTR-1000 digital tuner. The amazing??Fractal Audio??Axe-FX processor.??Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 firewire audio interface and preamp. And finally the Fractal MFC-101 MIDI foot controller.