Thank You

And to end the year on a high note, I’d like to specially thank you for your outstanding support and love. I have read the countless heartfelt, inspiring and motivational messages from a lot of you, and I am extremely thankful and lucky for being able to make music for you, and to have you as a fan and even more than a fan, a friend.
I hope the new year brings lots of exciting moments to you, full of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll!

Happy New Year

Some parts of the planet have already celebrated the new year. I wish you all extreme happiness, full of exciting and beautiful music in 2015. Signing out of 2014 from Ragged Point, California. You guys have breathtaking views along the Pacific shore.

Ragged Point, California

Happy New Year!

2013 has been a great year for me, surrounded with amazing people like you who know how to appreciate great music.

I hope it has been a great year for all of you too. And let’s all hope for an even more awesome year in 2014.

Happy new fucking year everyone !