Solipsistic Turns One

Exactly one year ago today on 21st of January 2013, the debut album Solipsistic was released. It’s really amazing how the year passed by like a blink of an eye. Time really flies.

For this occasion I’m going to thank those who helped fund the project, and everyone who supported me by ordering and even pre-ordering a piece of work pretty much blindfolded before even hearing a note. I sincerely thank every single one of you for appreciating and supporting prog music. Without you there would be no Semantic Saturation.

In the last year, Solipsistic has been reviewed by multiple magazines and web ‘zines like Prog Magazine, Prog Archives, Lady Obscure, Inhale The Heavy, Prog Metal Zone and dozens more, and has aired on many FM and prog radios like Morow, CKRL 89.1, Prog Palace Radio, Prognosis and many more. And to top it all off. In December 2013 Solipsistic was chosen one of the top prog albums of 2013 on Perfect Prog, Morow, CKRL 89.1, Lady Obscure, Ages of Rock and Noise Rotator.

I would like to thank all the radio stations, magazines, web ‘zines for their kind words, and for being interested in my music. I feel greatly honoured.

Here’s to the future! Cheers.

Solipsistic Album Cover
Solipsistic Album Cover

Solipsistic at #3 On’s Best of Progressive Rock in 2013

This is insane! Solipsistic is #3 on I’m completely speechless again! I can’t thank you guys enough.

#1 Jolly – The Audio Guide to Happiness Part II
#2 Steven Wilson – The Raven that Refused to Sing
#3 Semantic Saturation – Solipsistic


Here’s a screenshot of the site:

Morow - The best progressive rock albums in 2013
Morow – The best progressive rock albums in 2013

If you’re a prog fans and you don’t listen to, you’re missing a lot! Morow’s slogan is “The best progressive rock of yesterday and today” which actually stands true if you glance at their awesome playlist. – The Prog Radio Featuring Solipsistic Cover

Ok! This is actually kind of a big deal. “ – The Prog Radio. The Best Progressive Rock of Yesterday and Today.” have actually changed their cover photo on Facebook??to show the Solipsistic album cover.

This is such a great honor, I can’t thank you enough guys… I’m speechless. Facebook page featuring Solipsistic cover as their Facebook cover photo Facebook page featuring Solipsistic cover as their Facebook cover photo.

And in case you don’t know, is the biggest prog rock radio station on the Internet. So if you haven’t heard of them yet and you actually want to hear some great prog bands, including classic prog rock bands like Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, then wait no longer, and head to their site to tune in.