Suffocation guitarist buys his own CD

Suffocation guitarist posted a video of him buying his own CD and delivering a message to all music fans.

It’s no secret that musicians today are suffering the effects of online piracy. There are a lot of debates whether free music and file sharing has positive or negative effects on the artists, on one side of the fence are the record companies, on the other side are the file sharing fans, and musicians are stuck on the fence in between.

Semantic Saturation is an independent band/project, which means no record company or label has supported the project financially. So be sure that every dollar you spend will go directly to the artist as a contribution towards the thousands of dollars spent in creating this record.

Online piracy and illegal downloads are destroying a lot of musicians and artists.
Support the bands and music you like if you want to hear more.
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Here’s the video from Suffocation guitarist Guy Marchais.

And in case you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing, I’ll summarize his message for you.

We’re not Metallica, we can’t afford giving away CDs to everyone. If you download the album online, it’s ok to check it out, but then go and buy it, it’s easy and it’s only 16 bucks,??support the band, don’t be a cheap motherfucker.