What Have I Been Up To?

The lacquer for the vinyl version of Paradigms is being cut as I write this, one of the big lacquer guys in the world is working on it to ensure highest quality.
I made some more adjustments to the new site and store and the blog as you can see. It’s not an easy task to make sure the website and store work flawlessly on all devices, desktop, tablets and phones.

DVD Production-wise, I put together all the demos and videos to be included on the bonus DVD, only thing missing are the play along tracks. I’ve also made a nice compilation of some behind the scenes footage. Not too long, but still enjoyable.

I’ve been going to a print shop the past couple of days to make some more proofs, I want to make sure the cover and artwork print quality and colors are to my liking.
That’s all for now.
Back to work, no rest for the wicked.


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